Experience and commitment are the greatest strength of our organization.

Self - organisation in Weba Group

The dynamic growth of business, a growing number of new projects, more foreign markets to cover and, in consequence, the dynamically rising number of employees, all this puts Weba in the face of a new challenge – how to manage efficiently and effectively. The seemingly obvious solution was to expand the company’s structure with new director levels, their deputies etc. However, Weba’s president decided to take a completely different approach. Instead of assigning new supervisors to employees, he assigned them new competences to make decision independently. The company’s organisational model is based on work in self-organising teams. In 2020, we commenced a process of internal changes inspired by holocracy and the so-called turquoise management. After all, smart adults committed to their work know best what to do and how to do it best in their own, respective areas of daily work.

At the same time, the company’s management created an environment and tools facilitating common activities and democratic adoption of decisions. Teams were founded, responsible for specific areas within the company. The said teams can make decisions about, e.g. expenses or internal processes, independently and on the basis of commonly agreed principles. The team members divide work themselves, grant time off to each other, decide where and when to perform work and, if needed, recruit new employees to their teams.

This puts a lot of responsibility on the employees’ shoulders. Yet this is exactly what we care about – working with people unafraid to take responsibility, committed to their roles, driven to introduce further changes and support our organisation in growth. Still, self-management is not democracy, with the rule of the majority.

By following these assumptions, each of our employees exerts a real impact on the company’s shape. Consequently, the employees’ engagement has risen, translating into higher initiative and willingness to take responsibility for the company’s shape and their own development. In Weba, everyone has the right to make mistakes – provided that they take responsibility for their decisions. We value imperfect attempts to improve more than taking a passive stance in the face of problems.


Carreer in Weba

As an organisation, Weba Group is managed in an innovative way, very differently from the traditional model so commonly seen in organisations across the world. You will see how unique we are once you participate in our recruitment process.  You will NOT be meeting the HR lady or a department head on your first recruitment meeting. Instead, you will be invited to talk to your future team mates. We believe that every respective team is able to make the best decision on who to hire. After all, who knows more about the work and the needed skills than the people employed on similar positions? We also understand the importance of that special “chemistry” that the team needs to have with the new hire.

Our team

… comprises experts in various fields, whose experience and commitment constitute our organisation’s biggest strength. All employees deserve credit for Weba Group’s success – their daily work and team effort contribute to achieving the assigned goals and allows to provide our clients with the highest quality service.

When choosing new additions to our team, we bet on open-minded individuals who crave knowledge and welcome challenges, driven and motivated to act, unafraid to make decisions and eager to share their experience.


Our approach to benefits is the combination of what most businesses in Poland offer with the innovative approach, namely the self-organisation.We offer Multisport memberships, private medical care in Lux Med, flexible working hours and the possibility of remote working. This is just the standard arrangement.

The other benefits are chosen and obtained by the employees themselves, within the quarterly budget available to them. We deeply believe that the employees know better what they need than the HR team or the company’s CEO.



Given its innovative management model, Weba Group is surely not the right place for everyone. People who would like a cushy 8-16 job, who prefer doing what they are told to do without showing any initiative or engagement, will not feel good in our organisation.

Before you send us your CV, make sure you have read the “SELF-ORGANISATION IN WEBA” tab.

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