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Who we are?

For over 40 years we have been developing, manufacturing and distributing systems for building residential gas connections (natural gas and LPG) and systems for building gas networks. Weba systems are not only used in houses, hotels and warehouses, but also in industrial facilities, where gas is used both for heating and for technological purposes. We deliver our systems to many European countries, but also to other continents.

About company


this is the share of natural gas connections in Poland that is made using the Weba System.


this is the share of natural LPG connections in Poland that is made using the Weba System


this is the share of the market we can cover with our production capabilities thanks to the automation of numerous areas

Technology and automation

We have the newest equipment, machinery and devices and the latest test beds available in the gas sector. We have extensive technological facilities and capabilities that allow us to offer top quality products. Thanks to our spacious warehouses, clients have constant access to the needed goods.

Our products

WEBA systems

We deliver complete sets of elements for building entire connections and gas installations, where all elements fit each other. No welding or threading is needed to connect them – the well-fitting elements only need screwing together.

Product categories


Designers are welcome to download gas unit diagrams to speed up the process of preparing technical documentation for their clients.

The innovative WEBA system

To address the needs of our clients, we are developing an innovative configuration tool for gas points and metal gas cabinets. The configuration tool’s underlying idea will be “do it yourself”. This way, the buyer can precisely define the features of the final product and access their configuration from any place. The app’s major advantage comes from the saved time, when an offer needs to be ready ASAP, and unlimited time to make the final purchase decision.


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