Residential gas connections

3-layer 3LPE

We create standards that allow our clients to quickly build durable and safe natural and liquid gas connections and gas networks.

Insulating steel pipes by spraying a 3-layer 3LPE insulation has become a standard approach in Poland thanks to our efforts. Backed with strict quality control (testing for faults at 25,000V), the technology ensures complete resistance against punctures, estimated 50-year durability and the highest resistance to mechanical damage in the market, addressing situations that can happen during transport or at the construction site.


The safest technology

We have introduced pre-insulated connections to the market in high volumes, ensuring they stay affordable, in a move to replace the older, insecure technology of applying tape manually. Thanks to this bold decision, at least 70% of gas installations in Poland have been made using the safest technology available on the market.




Our systems are applicable to single-family houses, through hotels, warehouses and industrial plants, where gas is used not only for heating facilities, but also in production technology.

We provide a complete set of elements that can be used to build the entire connection, gas installation, and these elements fit together. Connecting them does not require welding or threading – just twist the matched elements together.

Watch the movie – how easy it is!