Social responsibility

Just like any other enterprise, Weba Group impacts the environment in which it operates.

Our responsibility

Just like any other enterprise, Weba Group impacts the environment in which it operates. As a company, we are committed to reducing the negative impact on the environment by paying special attention to the correct segregation and utilisation of waste, to name but one area.


Responsibility for the environment

Our employees share their knowledge and keep an eye on each another, so that all waste goes where it is supposed to go. The company’s president himself is far more often seen on a bike, commuting to work, than in a car, thus reducing his personal carbon footprint.

We support culture

One of the major CSR projects in our organisation is supporting the operation of the Foundation “The World of Possibilities” (Świat Możliwości) by sponsoring cultural events and providing space for the operation of EDGE Music Studio. The World of Possibilities focuses on:

• activating cultural life,
• initiating events that promote high culture,
• supporting widely understood education,
• creating spaces for artistic endeavours,
• organising events to share experience and thoughts, also abroad,
• financing creative initiatives and student grants to help the truly outstanding grow,
• organising charity events.

Foundation Świat Możliwości

The foundation handles numerous cultural and artistic events by obtaining subsidies from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the region of Wielkopolska and the town of Poznań. The most essential projects in the recent years include the creation and organisation of the Western Poland Gothic Trail Festival, Order for Compositors, a project realized, for example, in the National Music Forum and a cycle of monthly concerts titled Personal Music Meetings in the EDGE Music Studio.

Community Weba

Here, in Weba Group, we care about the health and good mental condition of our employees and their closest one, by providing them with access to private medical services and sports facilities. Now, in the times of pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we provide our employees with personal protective gear, such as face masks, disinfectants, air purifiers and anti-virus lamps.


We also keep in mind those who live close to us and who need our special help and assistance. Last year, we supported the treatment for an ex-Weba employee who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. We also provided funds to a foundation that provides care for a sick daughter of one of our employees. Come Christmas time, we eagerly extend help to the needy among us. In 2020, Weba employees decided to make dreams come true for a boy, whose late father worked here before passing away a year earlier. The accumulated funds allowed us to get all items on the letter to Santa.

Here, in Weba, we deeply believe that even a smallest gesture can make the world a better place.
Adam Budzyński
CEO Grup WEBA Sp. z o.o.