About company

Group Weba is a trustworthy partner!

40 years in the industry
1 million produced connections
Complete Weba systems for the customer
300 distributors, 19 countries
Dynamic development

A leading producer of gas industry

Our history began in 1981 and since then we have constantly focused on development. Thus, we’re consistently strengthening our position on the market as a leading producer of gas assortment in Poland.

For over 40 years we have been creating, producing and distributing systems for the construction of natural and liquid gas connections as well as systems for the construction of gas networks. Weba systems are used in facilities such as single-family houses, hotels, warehouses and even industrial plants, where gas is used not only for heating, but also in production technology. We deliver our systems to many countries in Europe and beyond.

Our new headquarters in Poznań, housing the newest machinery known to the industry, along with testing facilities, guarantees the highest quality of products. Our extensive warehouses stock everything that any of our clients may need at any time. The new logistics center with an area of over 3,000 m2 allows us to build inventory levels for our clients and to ship up to 4 trucks and 200 courier packages a day.


this is the share of natural gas connections in Poland that is made using the Weba System.


this is the share of natural LPG connections in Poland that is made using the Weba System


this is the share of the market we can cover with our production capabilities thanks to the automation of numerous areas

System solutions

Being a leader is also about creating and launching innovative technological and construction solutions for everyday use. This way we can create standards that allow our clients to build durable and safe natural and liquid gas connections and gas networks.

Our systems are not only used in buildings such houses, hotels and warehouses, but also in industrial facilities, where gas, apart from heating, is also used for technological purposes.

We deliver complete sets of elements for building entire connections and gas installations, where all elements fit each other. No welding or threading is needed to connect them – the well-fitting elements only need screwing together.



Production and technology

We are probably the most technologically advanced company in the industry in Europe, and certainly in Poland.

We have extensive technological facilities, thanks to which we guarantee the highest quality products, and the extensive warehouse facilities allowed us to provide our customers with constant access to the goods they need.

Production and technology

Quality in practice

In our offer you will find the only system solutions on the market for the construction of gas connections in all versions required in the country. With WEBA products you can be sure that the whole will meet the technical and legal requirements for gas installations. The development of proprietary projects and clarification of the technology of gas points and stations allowed to produce them in the course of serial production based on a modular structure. That is why our gas units are characterized by a uniform standard and design, as well as the possibility of extension and retrofitting at any time.

Development and experience

The growing team of highly skilled employees provide top quality service, boast expert level knowledge and are happy to assist in the selection of devices and valuation of your investment projects. We are continuously developing our distribution network in Poland and abroad. We believe in maintaining partner relations with our business partners and suppliers and are always eager to meet everyone during fair events, exhibitions and open-door days for fitters.

The company’s dynamic growth and one million gas connections sold are a testament to Weba Group’s reliability as a partner.